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The only kid-friendly kegel app!

Kegel Kat

Our mission is to make kegels as fun as possible for everyone - for people who have to do the exercises daily for various medical reasons, it can be tough to remember to do them, and also to stay motivated.  Kegel Kat aims to help, by providing users with reminders, rewards for continued use and a cute interface with customizable characters to encourage daily exercises.  The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive, especially from parents of children who are prescribed kegel exercises.  They have found that our app is the only kid-friendly kegel app on the market and are very appreciative that it exists, as other apps tend to usually include some content which is not appropriate for children.

Our new Pride Update is live! We have added 2 new "Kats" plus a ton of new accessories for them, including a full range of Pride-tastic rainbow gear!  We got feedback that our most frequent users had run out of items to buy in the store with the "kibble" they earned while kegling, so it was time for a re-stock!  Adding rainbow accessories was a way for us to show our support for the LGBTQ+ community, just in time for this year's Pride month.

"BEST Kegel App for KIDS and Adults!!!

I highly recommend this app for kids, as well as adults! My 8 yr old son’s urologist prescribed daily kegel exercises for him to do. After trying other kegel apps, I found this one to definitely be the BEST kegel app out there! My son and I have been using this app consistently for several months now. Not only has it helped my son’s urology issues tremendously, it has improved my bladder, too!!! The app is incredibly simple to use and my son actually looks forward to the daily Kegel Kat kegels. He prefers to watch the app, while I am able to do the kegels by listening due to the variance in sound cues. It’s especially fun for kids because they earn rewards called “kibble” for doing the exercises, which can be used to purchase various things in the app. It’s clear that the developer has put a great amount of time, energy, and thought into this app in order to make it a successful and easy to use tool. In addition, the developer is extremely receptive to feedback, answering questions, and making improvements. I can’t say enough positive things about this app for everyone to use!!!!!" - iOS user Laustin22

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