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Dice Paradise: Project


Dice Paradise is an addictive match-clear type game with stunning beach vaporwave themed art. Roll the dice and place them into the grid to make matches in rows and columns to clear them out and rack up the points.  The game has 3 modes - "classic", where you get 20 dice rolls, "timed" mode or "chill" mode where you get to experience the satisfaction of clearing out the dice while enjoying the relaxing chill-hop soundtrack. Art and music by Pete Ellison.

Released on August 29th 2021

"While "Dice Paradise" is really simple, that doesn't negate the fact that it's fun. This is facilitated by an unusual gameplay, bright graphics, pleasant relaxing music and, of course, leaderboards." - Brightsiderus

"It’s great for when you only have a few minutes to play but also has that “one more game” pull to it. If you’re a fan of pure high score chasers without any grinding or filler, give Dice Paradise a try" - AppUnwrapper

Dice Paradise was added to this list of the Best Dice game apps!

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