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Release Date

July 2018


Kegel Kat is a utility app which aims to make daily kegel exercises fun and easy to remember to do.  The app's reminders system will alert the user with a little "mew" when it's time to kegel.  Users can choose a "kat" character to kegel along with when doing the exercises and can customize their character with a whole host of different accessories.


Kegel Kat features three different modes: "Daily Squeeze" where the user can run their regular set of kegels which have been predefined in the settings menu.  "Go Forever" allows the user to challenge themselves to see how many kegels they can do in a row, with the app saving their high score.  "Dance Dance" mode allows the user to choose a music track to kegel along to for a fun change to the routine.

As the user kegels daily, they earn "kibble", a currency which allows them to purchase accessories for their kat, unlock songs in "Dance Dance" mode and also play a one-off "Kegel Party" which is a special mode with an exclusive music track and extra fun features.


Artwork: Pete Ellison

Music: Jaydee DeLeon & DJ Toxic





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